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Consumer Complaints System Project in Asp.Net

This Asp.Net Project is based on the Consumer complainment system where different types of consumer submit there feedbacks about any product and after getting these feedback they get a service regarding the products.
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Web based user inteface with ease of use Developed in Asp.net.
In order to provide better customer support for any company customer support system should be effective. This system will increase company reputation by providing better services and request feedback from customers. As we know customers are key for identifying problems.
Computer science students who are interested in developing customer care related project, Customer Complaint management system project can be one of the options for selecting a project.
Introducing Customer Complaint management system in to any organization can improve their services like..
Handling complaints from customer in a better way.
No chance of duplicate complaints.
Can provide standard services for a community.
 Decision making at administrative level will be of higher standard
In present market scope for using this project is high. This application provides WAP services for customers through these service customers can use this system on mobiles, this feature can save time. As the information technology is growing widely, developing and maintain this application can be done with a minimum cost. This application can reduce 4 times the cost compare to the existing manual system. For more information on complaint management system you can download project report from this site for a free of cost.

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About Customer Complaint management System

About Customer Management System Document:-
Customer Complaint management system document contains.
System Analysis Report
Software Requirement Specification Report
Feasibility Study
Architectural Design Like Data Flow Diagram,Class Diagram,Activity Diagram,UML Diagrams
 System Implementation