Civil Engg Project

Transparent Concrete-Civil Engineering

April 18, 2021 enggroom 0

Project Title:Transparent Concrete-Civil Engineering Project Abstract:  Transparent concrete also called as translucent concrete or light transmitting concrete isachieved by replacing aggregates with transparent alternate […]

Civil Engg Project

Self Sensing Concrete

November 25, 2020 enggroom 0

Project Name :- Self Sensing Concrete Project Abstract :- What is Self Sensing concrete (SSC)?  Invented by Professor Deborah Chung in University at Buffalo, […]

Civil Engg Project

Self Compacting Concrete-Civil Engineering

July 29, 2020 enggroom 0

Project Title:-Self Compacting Concrete-Civil Engineering Project Abstract: ⦁ Self compacting concrete (SCC)⦁ Why self compacting concrete required⦁ Material of SCC⦁ Characteristics of SCC⦁ Workability Requirement […]