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We are a educational site for all Engineering students by engineers. If you want to make something new then we are here to help. We work on Microcontroller & Microprocessor projects, Basic Electronics, Digital electronics,Digital IC Tester, 8951 Microcontroller, Stepper motor, Dc motor, IR data communication, Automatic, Railway Gate, Car parking, Interfacing, LCD, Instruction Set, port programming, Programmable number lock system, Water level indicator, Robotic car, Intelligent Train Engines,atmel, microcontroller, avr microcontroller, avr microcontroller project, avr microcontroller projects, avr programmer, embedded microcontroller, Free 8051 Microcontroller projects,8052 projects,microcontroller,projects, Datasheets,circuit diagram,Microcontroller,8051,AVR, projects,tutorials,codes,Libraries,interfacing examples,embedded projects,serial port,infrared remote controls,rf remote controls,home automation,Intel 8051 microcontroller,electronic projects,embedded systems,control systems,computers,technical books,software,assembly language,programming intels 8051,serial communications,rs232,Electronics Projects,Books,Home Automation,Computer Software, Assemblers.
We have a large collection on Microprocessor Projects.This projects are tried and tested by student.examples of simple hardware schematics and programming techniques, downloadable data sheets and of course fully documented 'complete site projects' incorporating three different popular 8 bit & 16-bit microprocessors, namely the Z80, the 8085 and the Mc6809.

ASP Project Traffic Controller using 8085 Microprocessor

The main aim of this project is to design a Traffic light controller using 8085 microprocessor. The 8085 Microprocessor is a popular Microprocessor used in Industries for various applications. Such as traffic light control, temperature control, stepper motor control, etc.
In this project, the traffic lights are interfaced to Microprocessor system through buffer and ports of programmable peripheral Interface 8255. So the traffic lights can be automatically switched ON/OFF in desired sequence. The Interface board has been designed to work with parallel port of Microprocessor system.

Technology:Microprocessor 8085,Programmable Peripheral Interface(PPI) 8255 and Assembly Language Coding.

ASP Project Temperature Control Using 8051 Microcontroller

Applications that require temperature control are often meet in industry. In this project a low cost application for temperature control in a industries using the microcontroller 8051 was designed and developed. This Project includes real time temperature control using a PID controller implemented on a microcontroller

Technology:Microcontroller 8051,Programmable Peripheral Interface(PPI) 8255 and Assembly Language Coding,Temperature Sensor.

ASP Project Study of Video Conferencing hardware and Configuration

Video conferencing technology is changing rapidly. Over the past few years, the introduction of high definition video endpoints and integrated room systems has offered such lifelike video quality that the term “telepresence” was adopted. However, before considering the more advanced systems of today, we will briefly examine where things started and how far we’ve come over the years.

Technology:Microcontroller 8051,Embedded system Project,Video Conferencing project.