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Download Employee Management System is a distributed application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization. It maintains the information about the personal details of their employees, also the details about the payroll system which enable to generate the payslip/Salary. The application is actually a suite of applications developed using Asp.Net With C#.Net.It has simple to understand GUI and can be used by anyone who is not even familiar with simple employees system. It is user friendly and just asks the user to follow step by step operations by giving him few options. It is fast and can perform many operations of a company.This Website package has been developed using the powerful coding tools of Microsoft Dot net Technology C#.Net at FrontEnd and Microsoft Sql Server at Back End.The Website is very user friendly. The package contains different modules like Employee details. This version of the Website has multi-user approach. For further enhancement or development of the package, user’s feedback will be considered.You can also call this project as universal employees management system or an Employees information system. Project will allow admin to add new employees after proper authentication. Admin can also add new departments and posts. It can allocate employees to different departments at different posts. Database should store all personal details of employees such as date of birth full name etc. and his educational background, work experience, skill sets, current and past projects in different tables with proper relations.

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Online Employee Management System Project Contains

It consists of following modules such as
Login: In this module the Employee or Administrator enters the system by using different user names. Employee: Under this we have seven sub titles New Employee Registration. Update Employee Apply Leave View Salary Report Check Leave Work Sheet Forget Password. New Employee Registration: If the Employee is new to the organization then he/she has to register in the new Employee registration form. Update Employee: If the Employee want to update his profile then he has to update in the update employee form. Apply Leave: If the Employee wants to apply for a Leave then he will apply in the Apply leave form. It contains the leave date, apply date, no of days and reason fields. View Salary Report: If the Employee wants to see his salary report then he can see it in view salary form Check Leave: In check Leave Employee can see status of the applied leave. Work Sheet: In work sheet Employee can enter the work of the day Forget Password: By using this Employee can retrieve the password
Administrator: Under this we have five sub titles Delete Employee Time Sheet Salary Report Leave Report Search Work Sheet. Delete Employee: In this administrator can delete the employee from the organization by using Employee id. Time Sheet In this administrator generate a time sheet for employee. Salary Report: In this administrator generate a salary report for the employee. Leave Report: In this administrator see the leaves applied by employees and he manages the leaves. Search work Sheet: By using this administrator can see the employee work sheets. Existing system: In existing Online Employee Management system the services provided by it are Online Employee Management checks and reports, tax reporting, timesheet. Administrator will maintain the employee information and timesheet. In this system the administrator will issue a specific ID to the employee. The employee duty is to get registered in the system and submit his particulars. Features of system are maintaining employee information records including time sheet management and other features like generating salary report and leave report.

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