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Online Share trading System in Asp.Net- Stock Market Trading Project
 Project Description:Social Networking Site,Developed as a academic projects for BCA,MCA,BE,BTECH,BSC(IT),Diploma Student.This is Online Social Networking developed in Asp.Net.Here the user can make his/her account i.e.sign up.After sign up user can have to login in this project ,user can then communicate with each other,chat with each other,user can see the profile of friends.All the functionality is similar to the Facebook.Like Facebook user can make his account here.This project is very similar to  Facebook  website.This Online Social Networking is a Web Application written  in Asp.Net.
Online Share Trading System Project in Asp.Net
We Provide:- Download Online Social  Networking System ASP.Net project abstract, Project Report, project documentation, project source code, database File, project ppt.


Web based user inteface with ease of use Developed in Asp.Net.

Preferred Technologies:


Online Social Networking Project Includes :-

Login-Register Page
1.In this snapshot shows the home page.
2.When any user will open this website for the first time  it will be redirected to this home page.
3.This home page contains two forms one is login form and other one is register form
4.Every new user can create its own profile or account on heartbeat by filling this register form
5.Register form contains the basic details like Name,EmailId,Password,Gender,Date of birth,Your Photo,AboutMe and users country.After entering all this details user can login.
6.Login Form contains EmailId and Password Fields.By entering the correct EmailId and Password which the user have entered while registration ,User will be redirected to his or her profile page User Profile Page with profile picture,wall,People.
Asp.Net Microsoft technology widely used for developing web applications which can be developed using dotnet framework and hosted on windows server and can also be tested on local host.C#(csharp) A popular programming language mostly used with Microsoft tools.
Microsoft Development tools also support many other programming language but csharp is popular among them.
SQL Server 2008 A popular database provided from Microsoft.Mostly Used with Mircosoft Technologies as a Backend. Ajax tool Kit.A tool kit to enhance the development of website developed in asp.net Javascript Client side scripting language CSS for Design termed as cascading style sheets.