Online Examination System Project in Asp.Net

The purpose of on-line test simulator|Online Exam Scheduler is to take online test|Exam in an efficient manner and no time wasting for checking the paper. The main objective of on-line Exam|test simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but also gives fast results. For students they give papers according to their convenience and time and there is no need of using extra thing like paper, pen etc.
Scope of this project is very broad in terms of other manually taking exams. Few of them are:-
This can be used in educational institutions as well as in corporate world.
Can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application(user Location doesn’t matter).
No restriction that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test.

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We based user inteface with ease of use Developed in ASP.Net.

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Online Exams System is a web application that establishes a network between the institutes and the students. Institutes enter on the site the questions they want in the exam. These questions are displayed as a test to the eligible students. The answers enter by the students are then evaluated and their score is calculated and saved. This score then can be accessed by the institutes to determine the passes students or to evaluate their performance. Online Exams System provides the platform but does not directly participate in, nor is it involved in any tests conducted. Questions are posted not by the site, but users of the site. The site requires an institute to register before posting the questions. The site has an administrator who keeps an eye on the overall functioning of the system. The site gets revenue by charging the institutes each time they want to conduct the exam. The system entitled “Online Exams System” is application software, which aims at providing services to the institutes and providing them with an option of selecting the eligible students by themselves. It is developed by using Asp.Net as a front end and as a coding language.

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