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Communication across long distances with video and audio contact that may also include graphics and data exchange. Digital video transmission systems typically consist of camera, codec (coder-decoder), network access equipment, network, and audio system.
Modern IP-based LANs and WANs use technologies that were not designed with the requirements of IP video in mind. In a typical LAN environment, IP data traffic propagates on a collision sensing network based upon the idea that many network devices will share the communications link, sending out short bursts of data intermittently.
Most Ethernet environments will begin to drop packets at utilization levels above 30 percent. Also, for many types of data – for example, data carrying the information to display a web page in a browser – the amount of time between packets or the relative size of a packet in relation to those around it may vary considerably, but the variations probably won’t have a major impact on the end user’s experience.
With these types of network data exchange, there is no problem with having a “best-effort” quality of delivery and providing for data to be sent over again if it contains errors or part of the information is lost.
The requirements of H.323 IP-based video, however, are very different. Utilizing video conferencing content over IP requires multiple streams of data to set up and manage the call, send video and audio information, and handle tasks such as far-end camera control. Although the data is sent as IP packets, the data streams are continuous, rather than intermittent, in order to maintain the video and audio connection. The amount of data in the streams also varies depending on the call content.

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The Polycom RMX 4000 Conference Platform allows organizations to unite teams over distance in any media. From users in immersive telepresence suites to remote audio callers, the RMX 4000 delivers high quality group communication for increased knowledge sharing and faster team decision making at large organizations. The highest capacity platform in the RMX series, the RMX 4000 natively supports multiple network types to extend the power of unified collaboration within—and beyond—the enterprise. For managing wide-scale conference deployments, the Polycom Distributed Media Application™ (DMA™) 7000 pairs with the RMX 4000 and Polycom RMX 2000® to deliver unmatched redundancy, scale, flexibility, and control for conferencing The RMX 4000 delivers protection for existing investments in video, audio, and telepresence solutions via seamless migration to high definition (HD) with enhanced support for non-HD systems. Flexible and fixed capacity modes enable network managers to deliver the most efficient communications for their particular environment. The easy-to-manage RMX 4000 features a tiered-access, web-based interface for administrative ease.


In the RMX Management application, register the RMX device(s) with the ReadiManager gatekeeper as described in the RMX 2000 Administrator’s Guide .
In the ReadiManager Management application, add the RMX device(s) to the ReadiManager system as described in the ReadiManager Operations Guide.
In the RMX Management application, create a profile for each unique conference experience that you wish to make available to the end-user as described in the RMX 2000 Administrator’s Guide.
Each profile is a standard set of conference parameters that is referenced by the conference template used when scheduling the conference.

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When you power on your system for the first time, the setup wizard detects the system’s IP and ISDN connections and leads you through the minimum Configuration steps required to place a call.
The setup wizard allows you to set a room password, which allows you to Limit access to the Admin Settings.  The default room password is the 14-digitsystem serial number from the System Information screen or the back of the system.

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