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Download Civil Project

Retrofitting Of Building Civil Engineering Project
Download All Civil Engineering & Diploma Final Year Project Reports, Project Abstracts, Project Ideas. Here we provide latest collection of Civil projects for Civil students. Students looking for ideas on Civil projects can find topics with abstracts and reports,Ideas for free download.
civil Engineering Project
Retrofitting Of Building Civil Engineering Project Abstract:- • The aftermath of an earthquake manifests great devastation due to unpredicted Seismic motion striking extensive damage to innumerable buildings varying degree i.e. either full or partial or slight.
• This damage to structures in its turn causes irreparable loss of life with a large number of casualties.
• As a result frightened occupants may refuse to enter the building unless assured of the safety of the building from future earthquakes.
• It has been observed that majority of such earthquake damaged buildings may be safely reused, if they converted into seismically resistance tortures by employing a few retrofitting measures.
• This proves to be a better option catering to the economic consideration an Immediate shelter problems rather than replacement of buildings.
• Moreover it has often been seen that retrofitting of buildings is generally more Economical as compared to demolition and reconstruction even in case of severe structural damage.
• Therefore, seismic retrofitting of building structures is one of the most important aspects for mitigating seismic hazards especially in earthquake-prone countries.
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