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Download Lecture notes of Various subjects of Civil Engineering Branch.This Page contains various study material,hand notes and lecturer notes for students of civil engineering.we try to cover syllabus of most of the universities.
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Download Engineering Hydrology Study Material for Civil Engineer

Engineering Hydrology is one of the important subject of civil engineering.It deals with water resources and storage of water.So many people also called it water resource engineering.It deeply concerned with flow and storage of water.Download study material which discuss all the topic of Hydrology.
Civil ENGINEERING Lecture notes Civil ENGINEERING Lecture notes

Environmental Engineering-THOUGHWORK

The Syllabus of Environmental Engineering deals with the environment relevant matters like Pollution control, Hazardous waste management, Toxic materials control, Water supply related problems and other main areas in this field. Course helps to reduce the effects of ozone depletion, global warming, automobile emissions and acid rain.Download complete lecture seriese notes for Environmental Engineering.

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Environmental Engineering-JAINAM-PRAKASHAN

Environmental Engineering Study materials forcivil engineering student free to download.
Civil Engineering Study Material Report Civil ENGINEERING Lecture notes

Concept of EarthQuake Engineering-Study Materials

Experience in past earthquakes has demonstrated that many common buildings and typical methods of construction lack basic resistance to earthquake forces. In most cases this resistance can be achieved by following simple, inexpensive principles of good building construction practice.Adherence to these simple rules will not prevent all damage in moderate or large earthquakes, but life threatening collapses should be prevented, and damage limited to repairable proportions.Download Complete Study Material of EarthQuake Engineering.
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Download Civil Engineering Dictionary

This notes contains A 2 Z defination and important concepts of Civil Engineering.All the definations and Concepts are covered from various subjects of civil engineering and it's also useful for competetive exams of civil engineering.
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The structural analysis is a mathematical algorithm process by which the response of a structure to specified loads and actions is determined. This response is measured by determining the internal forces or stress resultants and displacements or deformations throughout the structure.
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