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DOWNLOAD Electrical Project

Download Electrical Project

Free Download electrical engineering projects From EnggRoom.Com.Project contains project abstract,project report and Powerpoint presentation. Here,We are providing Free Collection of Project with full project report and Electrical circuit design.some of the projects are also availablein Embedded Engineering|Microprocessor based Project.You can submit these projects as a final semester electrical engineering project.So enjoy Electrical Engineering Friends and Please Like us on Facebook Page.

Electrical Project Half-Wave & full wave Rectifier with filter circuit

A rectifier is an electronic device that converts AC to DC. Rectifiers may be made of solid state diode, vacuum tube diodes, mercury arc values, and other components. The process of converting AC to DC is known as rectification. Components of power supplies and as detectors of radio single are some of the uses of rectifiers. An ordinary or common type of DC (Direct Current) power supply has a liner circuit which is compose of 3 basic sections: Transforming System, The rectifier System, and filter System.

Preferred Technologies:Half Wave Rectifier


The DTMF based remote monitoring system consists of sensors for sensing the present parameters of the process or machine. The whole system can be installed at a distance place from where these data can be directly sent to the logging system. The data obtained is sent to doctor’s system by converting it into DTMF signals. The DTMF stands for dual tone multiple frequencies. The idea behind this project is generation of DTMF signal for sending data. In communication any digit may be transmitted in pulse mode or in DTMF mode. We are generating DTMF tones at transmitter end and decoding these tones at receiving end which can be used for transmitting the data from one end to another end. These signals are decoded at the receiving end and original data is recovered form it by the doctors.

Preferred Technologies:GSM Based Monitoring and Controller


If the water level in a borewell drops below the threshold level for pumping, its pump motor may get air-locked or even burn out due to dry running. It is inconvenient for farmers to walk all the way to their fields at night just to switch the pump motor ’off’. Besides, he may never get to know the problem. This problem can be solved by using this GSM-based system that will automatically give the user a call on his mobile phone when the water level in the borewell drops below or rises to the threshold level for pumping. The user can also remotely switch on or switch off the pump motor by sending an SMS from his mobile phone. The system is simple, reliable, portable and affordable.

Preferred Technologies:GSM Based Monitoring and Controller

Electrical ProjectFree Project Download Automatic Fan Control And Intensity Control By Using Microcontroller

This project will present the design, construction, development, control and evaluation of an automatic switching electric fan and also control the intensity of light. The microcontroller based automatic fan system and light systems presented in this project are required to fulfill the requirement of technologies “tomorrow will be more advanced than today”. The electric fan automatically switches according to the environment temperature changes and lights are switch on one by one according to the room intensity changes. This electric systems are contains combination of sensor, LDR, controller and relay with integration of embedded controlled programming. Finally, this system performance will be evaluated by comparing performance data to the theoretical.

Preferred Technologies:Microcontroller Based Monitoring and Controller

Electrical ProjectFree Project Download Solar Water Pumping System For Agriculture

When sun light falls on panel in solar panel made by silicon and germanium. It is convert photon energy to electric energy. So the solar cell converts in electrical energy in dc system. And also USB battery in hole day battery charge use dc supply in street light and water level indicator and water pump in agriculture system.

Preferred Technologies:Solar Based Pumping system,solar Power

Electrical ProjectFree Project Download Inverter with MOSFET Cicuit

This MOSFET base power inverter is capable of generating approximately 35oyb power) the inverter provides enough power up to 350W if we use car battery 8s it is fully charged. For the testing purpose you can use any 12V 7 Ah (or more) battery. Output is 230Vac 50Hz. As seen from the block diagram this inverter consists following stages. Power supply, charger ckt. For the 12V 7Ah battery, Oscillator circuit, divider circuit, battery low ckt. Power amplifier Inverter transformer.

Preferred Technologies:MOSFET Based Inverter


This electronic setup auto activated whenever the intruder enters to the unauthorized no entry area. It auto activate the landline number and redial the last dialed number from the conventional telephone. All we need is to do minor changes to activate this telephone as it works as to become auto dialer circuit. Thus whenever the intruder enters to the area, it activates the sensor circuit of either sound activation or infrared light beam obstruction circuit, the redial circuit become active and give a ring tone to the receiving end. It may be a mobile phone or any landline phone or even police control room.

Preferred Technologies:Security System,Microcontroller Based System


"Inverter is basically a de ac converter. It is a circuit which converter de power in to ac power at desired voltage Whatever AC o/p voltage we get, it may be fixed or variable at fixed or variable frequency. Variable o/p voltage can be getting by varying i/o voltage or maintaining gain of inverter constant Gain o( inverter is given by ratio of o/p ac voltage to i/p voltage, in inverter conversion from de power into ac power is done by turn on and turns off device, such as GTO, BGT, MOSFET, lGBT e. Thyristors are normally used for high power application and devices are used for low and medium power application.

Preferred Technologies:Security System,Microcontroller Based System


EVM stands for Electronics Voting Machine. It’s a lot different from the traditional ballot paper system both in terms of mechanism and performance. Its USP is its simple user interface. Even a person who never got a chance to go to schools can use it without much difficulty. The front panel shows all the candidates standing for the election along with their party symbols. There is a button corresponding to each of the candidates. To cast a vote just press the button beside to the candidate. A successful vote is indicated by a green light and a short beep. There is a dedicated counter for each of the candidate ,which is placed inside. With each vote the counter corresponding to the candidate increases and is displayed through a LCD screen. This arrangement is kept under lock. After the election’s over the polling officer can open the lock and view the votes and declare the result.

Preferred Technologies:Electronic Voting System,Microcontroller Based System