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Download Electrical Project

Electronic Voting Machine Project
EVM stands for Electronics Voting Machine. It’s a lot different from the traditional ballot paper system both in terms of mechanism and performance. Its USP is its simple user interface. Even a person who never got a chance to go to schools can use it without much difficulty. The front panel shows all the candidates standing for the election along with their party symbols. There is a button corresponding to each of the candidates. To cast a vote just press the button beside to the candidate. A successful vote is indicated by a green light and a short beep. There is a dedicated counter for each of the candidate ,which is placed inside. With each vote the counter corresponding to the candidate increases and is displayed through a LCD screen. This arrangement is kept under lock. After the election’s over the polling officer can open the lock and view the votes and declare the result.
Electrical Engineering Project
Electronic Voting Machine Electrical Engineering Project Working:- The Electronic voting machine helped the voter to cast his vote in a hassle free manner and for the poling officer it proved to be a more convenient way to count the votes and declare the result.
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