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Half-Wave & full wave Rectifier with filter circuit Project
A rectifier is an electronic device that converts AC to DC. Rectifiers may be made of solid state diode, vacuum tube diodes, mercury arc values, and other components. The process of converting AC to DC is known as rectification. Components of power supplies and as detectors of radio single are some of the uses of rectifiers. An ordinary or common type of DC (Direct Current) power supply has a liner circuit which is compose of 3 basic sections: Transforming System, The rectifier System, and filter System.
Electrical Engineering Project
Rectifier with Filter Circuit Electrical Engineering Project Abstract:- When terminal ` a ` becomes positive w.r.t. ` b ` in the positive half cycle a.c. , anode A of the diode D becomes positive w.r.t its cathode K , the diode is forward biased and offers very low resistance. Electric current flows through the load in the direction a,K, X, Y, b, a. That is the current flows from X to Y through the load. But during the negative half cycle when terminal ` a ` becomes negative w.r.t. ` b ` , the diode is reverse biased and offers very high resistance and current does not flow. Waveforms of the input voltage and output current are shown in figure. It is seen from the waveforms that current conducts only in one direction. That is current flows during half cycle of A.C. So it is called the half-wave rectifier.
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