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Wherever the rural areas have been brought under power grid the erratic and unreliable power Supply has not helped the farmers and the need for an uninterrupted power supply especially during the critical farming period has been a major area of concern. India receives a solar energy equivalent of 5,000 trillion KWh/year with a daily average solar energy incidence of 4-7 KWh/m2. This is considerably more than the total energy consumption of the country. Further, most parts of the country experience 250-300 sunny days in a year, which makes solar energy a viable option in these areas. Decentralized renewable energy system, which relies on locally available resources, could provide the solution to the rural energy problem, particularly in remote areas where grid extension is not a viable proposition.
Solar energy, with its virtually infinite potential and free availability represents a nonpolluting and inexhaustible energy source which can be developed to meet the energy need of mankind in a major way. The high cost, fast depleting tested kits are available to retrofit the most pole most pole mounting applications.
Electrical Engineering Project
Solar Based Water Pumping System PROJECT FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Project Working:- When sun light falls on panel in solar panel made by silicon and germanium. It is convert photon energy to electric energy. So the solar cell converts in electrical energy in dc system. And also USB battery in hole day battery charge use dc supply in street light and water level indicator and water pump in agriculture system.
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