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"Inverter is basically a de ac converter. It is a circuit which converter de power in to ac power at desired voltage Whatever AC o/p voltage we get, it may be fixed or variable at fixed or variable frequency. Variable o/p voltage can be getting by varying i/o voltage or maintaining gain of inverter constant Gain o( inverter is given by ratio of o/p ac voltage to i/p voltage, in inverter conversion from de power into ac power is done by turn on and turns off device, such as GTO, BGT, MOSFET, lGBT e. Thyristors are normally used for high power application and devices are used for low and medium power application.
Electrical Engineering Project
Inverter with FET Circuit Electrical Engineering Project Working:- Our inverter is based on power MOSTET. It is one kind of electronics generator DC pure input to it is 12v battery. It gives square wave output. It can bear load of 250 watt with efficiency of 90%.
This MOSFET base power inverter is capable of generating approximately 35oyb power) the inverter provides enough power up to 350W if we use car battery 8s it is fully charged. For the testing purpose you can use any 12V 7 Ah (or more) battery. Output is 230Vac 50Hz. As seen from the block diagram this inverter consists following stages. Power supply, charger ckt. For the 12V 7Ah battery, Oscillator circuit, divider circuit, battery low ckt. Power amplifier Inverter transformer
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