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Download Java Project

Project on Chat Server in JSP|Instant Messangers In JAVA
 Project Description:Instant messengers|Chat Server are applications that support chat, file transfers as well as other features. Most instant messengers are client/server based. The clients can connect to the server. Both clients must connect to the server for communication to be established. Some popular Instant messengers are MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo messenger etc.
The clients can connect to each other, as well as connect to the server and communicate through this. The server runs as a standalone applications but can be controlled by the administrator. User information and information about banned IP addresses is stored in the database.
  • Client – text transfers (chat), file transfers, capability of blocking IP addresses.
  • Server – supports text transfers, blocking of IP addresses. Incorporates administrative application, the main server, and a database.
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We Provide:- Download Online Chat Server/Messanger System In Java project abstract, Project Report, project documentation, project source code, database File, project ppt.


Server and Client based very attractive user inteface with ease of use Developed in Java.

Preferred Technologies:

Java Programming LanguageJava Developement Kit

Client/Server Based Chat Server project Includes :-

A Project implementing all the ideals of a an Object Oriented Modelling has been succesfully created. The application developed is lightweight and easy to use.
The chat application Developed can be used for communication in small offices or Schools or Colleges as a Communication tool.
Chat Server is used basically for chatting purpose with the remote clients or users on Internet or local networks.In this project a java client / server combination is used to chat with remote users. Applet framework is used to develop a "Machine Independant" java application which can run on any computer on the internet.
The Application developed here has two major components: The Client & The Server. The project has been developed using netbeans 7.0.The project can be start by running the server.