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Download Java Project

Online College Management System Project in JSP|JAVA
 Project Description:This project is aimed at developing an Online Intranet College Management System (CMS) that is of importance to either an educational institution or a college. The system (CMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the institution or a specified department. This system can be used as an attendance monitoring system for the college. Students/staffs logging in may also access/search any information. Attendance and marks will be updated by staff.
This system (C.M.S ) is being developed for an college to maintain and facilitate easy access to information. For this the users need to be registered with the system after which they can access or modify data as per the permissions given to them.
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We Provide:- Download Online College Management System Project In JSP project abstract, Project Report, project documentation, project source code, database File, project ppt.


Web based very attractive user inteface with ease of use Developed in JSP.

Preferred Technologies:


Online College Management System Project Includes :-

The front-end will be HTML pages with Java Script for client side validation where as all business logics will be in Java reside at middle layer. And these layers will interact with third layer of database, which will be Oracle database. The web server will be Tomcat5.5. To start working on this project environment required is a server having Tomcat5.5 as web server, Oracle10g as database and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) as development environment. The project is divided into 6 scenarios; each scenario can be developed independently. And knowledge of Java with oracle 10g is desirable to execute this project.