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Download Java Project

Online Ticket Booking System in JSP

Free Download Online Ticket Booking System Project in java with complete management system for On-line ticket booking system, with automatic listing of tickets available, tickets booked, tickets reserved per service on any given date by stage wise. Ticket management, invoicing system. Payment, invoicing and ticket booked emails to customer should be possible. The inventory should be easy to research to know sold tickets and remainig tickets, to see paid tickets, reserved tickets. Also, after receiving sale consideration, emails can be sent to buyer adress for confirmation/checkout. The checkout system should be able to offer instant payments via paypal and post a simple form to moneybookers Merchant gateway. System can be hosted online. The system should be robust.
Online Ticket Booking System
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Web based user inteface with ease of use Developed in Java.

Preferred Technologies:


Technology Used In Online Ticket Booking System in JSP Project

Oracle10g Express Edition
NetBeans IDE 6.5
Jdk 6.0
Tomcat 6.x
CMail Server 5.x