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Online Job Portal Project(E-Job website),Placement Service Website in Asp.Net

Online job portal project is a web based project which is implemented in asp.net using C#.Net programming language. Main aim of this project is to provide a online job search portal for fresher’s and experience employees for knowing about opportunities in different companies. Users need to register with application and obtain unique username and password for accessing available features. Users can submit their resumes through their account or they can fill complete profile details for their Relevant job.All uploaded resumes are visible to Employers who provide job opportunities. This application is same as that of naukri.com.Monster.com web site with similar functionality and features implemented in Asp.Net with c#.net.For best performance of the website,Database is made in MS SQL. This application has Anonymous Candidate,JoSeeker,Recruiter,Resume Uploading FunctionalityJob Search Facility ,JobSeeker and Recruiter Profile control,about us page, feedback forum, placement registration, recruiter login,etc.
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Web based user inteface with ease of use Developed in ASP.NET.

Preferred Technologies:

Preferred Technologies: Asp.Net,MS SQL,C#.Net,HTML,JavaScript

About Online Job Portal(Synopsis):-

The objective of the application is to develop a system using which job applicants and recruiters can communicate with each other. The purpose is to enable applicants to search for jobs in a convenient manner and to enable employers to find suitable candidates. Existing System: The present system requires applicants to search through print and visual media for job opportunities. Applicants need to apply for jobs using conventional methods and appear for interview on a specified date at a specified location. Employers need to advertise the vacancies and sort all applicant details, conduct selection procedures and complete the formalities. This approach is tedious and requires much effort and resources. Proposed System: The proposed system is a web based application which allows applicants and employers to register their details. Applicants can browse through the vacancy details that are posted and can apply for the jobs online. Employers can browse through the posted resumes and select suitable candidates. Modules: The application comprises the following major modules: Job Seeker module, Employer module and administration module Job Seeker Module: This module provides functionalities for job seekers. Applicants can post their resumes with personal and professional details. They can also update the resume as frequently as required. The applicant can also browse through the present vacancies available. Job seekers can also get mail alerts when their resumes are selected by employers. Employer Module: This module provides functionalities related to employers. Employers can post vacancy details and update the details as and when necessary. Employers can search through applicant resumes based on different criteria. Administration Module: This module provides administrator related functionalities. Administrator manages entire application and maintains the profiles of applicants and employers. Software: Technology : ASP .Net and C# .Net Database : MS-SQL server 2005 /2008 IDE : Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008 Hardware: Processor : Pentium IV RAM : 1GB