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Puzzle 1:- Complete the Following Sequence

Numbering Puzzle
Ans:- 6,561.
Sol:-There are two sequences arranged alternately. In each sequence the number is the square of the previous number in that sequence. 6,561 is the square of 81.

Puzzle 2:- Which Number is Odd Man Out?

Online Puzzle
Ans:- 4275.
Sol:-The number formed by the first two digits plus the number formed by the second two digits is 99.Say For Example:-3663 is formed as = 36+63=99

Puzzle 3:- What number should replace the question mark?

Online Puzzle
Ans:- 86.

Sol:-Add five starightdown;
Add ten sideways;
Add fifteen diagonally.

Puzzle 4:- What number should replace the question mark?

Online Puzzle
Ans:- 7.

Sol:-The numbers in each line contain the digits 1 – 9 only once.

Puzzle 5:- What number should replace the X?

Online Puzzle
Ans:- 1 (One).

Sol:-Space the Seriese Correctly.Seriese will become 13,15,17,19,2(1).