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Download Java Project

Project on Unique Identification No|Social Security No in JSP|JAVA
 Project Description:This system is used to create a tool that manages the handling of passport and license using the unique identification associated with each individual. The application deals with allowing the citizens to register for a unique identity. The ID is supported with a pin.
Citizen’s being issued passport or those have a passport is then associated with the UID. This helps the citizen to travel abroad without having the passport. The UID will provide access to the passport from the airport for the airline from the centralized server. The details and profile of the citizen with the photo can be viewed as part of security check. The crime department can also use the application to trace or stop any person from travelling abroad.
The airline gets a notification when the airport staff has access to the citizen’s passport. The crime department can stop or trace either using the UID or passport number. They could also pass the name of the person and the system can generate a list of photo previews of people having a passport. The citizen uses the Aadhaar scheme to apply for license. The details of the citizen are picked from the registration database.
The citizen is provided with the test details by the application. The details contain the location, date and time information. The test details are provided to the citizen on completion of the test. The license issue and denial is recorded.
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We Provide:- Download Online Unique Identification System In JSP project abstract, Project Report, project documentation, project source code, database File, project ppt.


Web based very attractive user inteface with ease of use Developed in JSP.

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Online Unique Identification No System Project Includes :-

Citizen Registration, identification of each citizen using UID(Unique identification number) Secure passport application Passport application verification by the police authority in online mode. Passport Issue & Denial Provide crime department to integrate with the airport to stop someone from flying. Apply for License. Provide Test details and scenario - RTA. Provide test result. Issue or deny License. Change of address in one ID reflects the change in others.