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This Section Provides new fresh free Project ideas for BE Final Semster Project,BCA Project,MCA Project,MSC-IT,BSC-IT Project.
Young students can study these Project Ideas and Develop a Project as their Final Sem Project
These Project Ideas Provide Basic Definition of Project and abstract.
If u have already project listed below then please mail us @ We just want to help a student to develop their final sem project.Please contribute in our effort.

web traffic analyzers ProjectC#.Net
Toll Tax Collection SystemC#.Net
RTO SystemC#.Net
Smart Card SystemC#.Net
Internet Banking ProjectC#.Net
Bank Management ProjectC#.Net
Mega Mall Management ProjectC#.Net
Class Management System ProjectC#.Net
School Management ProjectC#.Net
Online Hospital Management ProjectC#.Net
Cybercafé Management ProjectC#.Net
Online Ticket Booking ProjectC#.Net
Online Multiplex Ticket Booking Project c#.Net
Online Bus Ticket Booking Projectc#.Net
Online Tour Management Projectc#.Net
Online Banking System Projectc#.Net
Online Attendance Project c#.Net
Online Employee Attendance Project c#.Net
Loan Management Projectc#.Net
Online Insurance Management Project c#.Net
Online Mobile Shop Projectc#.Net
Online Shopping System Projectc#.Net
Online Mobile Shopping System Projectc#.Net
Online Inventory Management System Projectc#.Net
Online Sales & Inventory Management System Projectc#.Net
Job Placement Projectc#.Net
Online Job Website Projectc#.Net
Social Networking Website Projectc#.Net
College Management Projectc#.Net
Kon Banaga Crorepati Projectc#.Net
Online Consumer Complain Project c#.Net
Online Library Management Projectc#.Net
Search Engine Projectc#.Net
Online Planning Project c#.Net
Online Telephone Bill Collection Projectc#.Net
Online Phone Tracing Projectc#.Net
Online Making Website Projectc#.Net
Online Hotel Management ProjectC#.Net
Online Travel Management ProjectC#.Net
Online Chatting ProjectC#.Net
Online Playing Games ProjectC#.Net
Online Student Admission Project C#.Net
Online Student Result Analysis Project C#.Net
Photo Gallery ProjectC#.Net
Student Management ProjectC#.Net
Free Blog website projectC#.Net
Currency converter ProjectC#.Net
Real Estate ProjectC#.Net
Online Auction ProjectC#.Net
Online Purchasing Project C#.Net
Online Air Ticket Booking ProjectC#.Net
Online Railway Ticket Booking ProjectC#.Net
Shopping Cart ProjectC#.Net
Online New Read ProjectC#.Net
News Paper ProjectC#.Net
Online Marketing Project C#.Net
Training & Placement Management ProjectC#.Net
Student Information System ProjectC#.Net
Online Faculty Feedback ProjectC#.Net
Event Management ProjectC#.Net
Student Information System ProjectC#.Net
Online Testing System ProjectC#.Net
Online Course Portal ProjectC#.Net
Online Job Portal ProjectC#.Net
TimeTable Generation Project C#.Net
Patient Information System ProjectC#.Net
Web based Address Book ProjectC#.Net
SpiderAlerts & Web services ProjectC#.Net
Proxy Server ProjectC#.Net
Web AnalyticsC#.Net
Online Share Trading ProjectC#.Net
Online Share Market Project C#.Net
Mobile- Commerce ProjectC#.Net
Mobile-CRM ProjectC#.Net
Generic project management Portal ProjectC#.Net
Recruitment Process system ProjectC#.Net
Online discussion-forum ProjectC#.Net
Equity Trading Portfolio Manager ProjectC#.Net
Online Job search portal ProjectC#.Net
Online matrimonial portal projectC#.Net
Online matrimonial website ProjectC#.Net
Mobile- Online Examination System ProjectC#.Net
Online Examination System ProjectC#.Net
Online Test System ProjectC#.Net
Online webmart system for jewelleryC#.Net
Online bug tracking and customer support systemC#.Net
Attendance & Leave Mgmt SystemC#.Net
Human Resource ManagementC#.Net
Construction Management / Tracking SystemC#.Net
Sending SMS using .NET through Web ServiceC#.Net
Web Based Claims Processing System in ASP.NetC#.Net
Call Center Management System ASP NetC#.Net
Textile Web Services ASP NetC#.Net
Online Voting System ASP NetC#.Net
Online Bank ASP NetC#.Net
Securing Image URL ASP NetC#.Net
Online Quiz ASP NetC#.Net
Electronic Fund Transfer ASP NetC#.Net
Work Flow Management System ASP NetC#.Net
Online Customer Care ASP NetC#.Net
Work Flow Management System ASP NetC#.Net
Online Book Shop ASP NetC#.Net
E-Bazaar C#.Net
N.G.O. WebsiteC#.Net
Payroll SystemC#.Net
Tours & Travels Website C#.Net
Book Publication company SoftwareC#.Net
Coaching Management Software C#.Net
E-Commerce Website C#.Net
Academic per-to-peer Network C#.Net
Secure Mail Server C#.Net
Distributed System Project simulator for Publish-Subscribe Model C#.Net
Data Integration C#.Net
Web based Linux Administration C#.Net
Interface for Mobile Phone and PDA using J2ME C#.Net
Distributed System Project simulator for Publish-Subscribe Model C#.Net
Contact Reminder C#.Net
Direct Information System Project C#.Net
Course Home Page Generator C#.Net
Campus Online Help Desk C#.Net
Online Class Register C#.Net
Mail Server Utility C#.Net
Hostel Election Software C#.Net
Collaborative Web Browsing C#.Net
Web based Application for Multiple Clients C#.Net
Testing Tool C#.Net
A Multihoming Solution for effective load balancing C#.Net
Implementing a Linux Cluster C#.Net
Improving the efficiency of Memory Management in Linux by Efficient Page C#.Net
Replacement Policies. C#.Net
Experimenting with Code Optimizations on SUIF (Stanford University Intermediate Format) C#.Net
Intranet Caching Protocol C#.Net
A DBMS with SQL Interpreter C#.Net
Developing an Organically Growing Peer to Peer Network C#.Net
Analysis of Routing Models in Event Base Middlewares C#.Net
Analysis of Event Models in Event based Middle ware C#.Net
Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Into XML Format with Translator C#.Net
Information Management and Representation Using Topic Maps C#.Net
Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks C#.Net
Video Conferencing with Multicast Support C#.Net
Collaborative Span Filtering Using Centralized Incrementally Learning Spam Rules C#.Net
Database C#.Net
Hierarchical Data Back Up C#.Net
Automated Generation of Cycle Level Simulators for Embedded Processors. C#.Net
Mini Projects By M.Techs C#.Net
Fingerprint Image Enhancement C#.Net
Dept Library Management System Project C#.Net
Linux Kernel Enhancement C#.Net
Cloth Animation & Dynamics. C#.Net
Linux Kernel (Memory Management) C#.Net
Image Steganography C#.Net
Web Enabled Opinion Poll System Project For NITC C#.Net
Application Of Bayesian Networks To Data Mining C#.Net
Triple crypt Using Vector Displacement Algorithm C#.Net
Network Analysis C#.Net
Feed Forward Neural Networks C#.Net
IP Sniffer C#.Net
Project Management System Project C#.Net
Cryptographic Engine C#.Net
Fault-Tolerant TCP C#.Net
Enhancing The Algorithms C#.Net
Design of Intranet Mail System Project C#.Net
Mirroring C#.Net
Development of a Distributed System Projects Simulator for Event Based Middleware C#.Net
A Smart phone Application to remotely a PC over the internet C#.Net
Network Protocol Verification Using Linear Temporal Logic C#.Net
Virtual Routing Network Emulation Frame Work C#.Net
2 mail C#.Net
Mini Projects by B.Techs ( Currently reports are not available ) C#.Net
Time Table Information System Project C#.Net
Online Library System Project C#.Net
Implementing an interface for transliteration C#.Net
Simulation of the IA64 Instruction Set Architecture C#.Net
Simple FTP Client C#.Net
Text Editor for Linux Platform C#.Net
Exam Server C#.Net
Online Bulletin Board C#.Net
Project Server C#.Net
Developing GUI for IP Tables Configuration C#.Net
Academic planner C#.Net
Online Election Software for Hostel Election C#.Net
Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithm using NS2 C#.Net
Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithm using NS2 C#.Net
IA64 ISA Simulation C#.Net
Text to Speech conversion C#.Net
Customizing Proxy Web server C#.Net
Auction simulator using agents C#.Net
Implementation of cryptographic protocols in oblivious signature based envelope ( C#.Net
OSBE to handle cyclic policy interdependency)C#.Net
Call Center Management System Project ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Shopping ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Textile Web Services ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Auction System Project ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Quiz ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Bank ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Voting System Project ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Securing Image URL ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Web Services ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Smart Knowledge Provider ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Book Shop ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Electronic Fund Transfer ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Work Flow Management System Project ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Customer Care ASP Net C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Shopping C#.Net,ASP.Net
Text to Speech conversion C#.Net,ASP.Net
Hostel elections voting software C#.Net,ASP.Net
Code optimization: Implementation of scalar optimizations C#.Net,ASP.Net
A Web based academic monitoring System Project C#.Net,ASP.Net
To output the timing schedule C#.Net,ASP.Net
Code optimization: Implementation of scalar optimizations C#.Net,ASP.Net
Online Objective test C#.Net,ASP.Net
Efficient and Secure Content Processing (Java) java
Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol /Java java
An Adaptive Programming Model for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing /Java java
Face Recognition Using Laplacian faces /Java java
Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System Project using Parallel Genetic Algorithm /Java java
A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks /Java java
Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering /Java java
Online Handwritten Script Recognition /Java java
ODAM: An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm /Java java
Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications /Java java
An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Networks /Java java
Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database System Projects /Java java
Wireless Traffic Viewer Using J2ME J2ME java
JME Mail Client Server JME java
Monitoring And Managing The Clusters Using JMX JME java
Peer-To-Peer Messaging JME java
Mobile Information Provider JME java
Mobile Bank WAP java
Video Steganography Using Mobile Simulation JME java
Network Traffic Anomaly Detector JME java
ERP for Leather Company JEE java
Online Web shop JEE java
Online Fashion Studios JEE java
ERP for Small Business JEE java
Bulk Billing System Project JEE java
SN Java Project Titles Language java
Optimal Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Java java
Homogenous Network Control and Implementation Java java
Performance Evaluation of RMI Java java
A Novel Secure Communication Protocol for Ad Hoc networks [SCP] /Java java
ITP: An Image Transport Protocol for the Internet /Java java
Hybrid Intrusion Detection with Weighted Signature Generation over Anomalous Internet Episodes(HIDS) /JEE java
Incremental deployment service of Hop by hop multicast routing protocol /Java java
Network border patrol: preventing congestion collapse and promoting fairness in the Internet /Java java
Location-Aided Routing (LAR) in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks /Java java
An Acknowledgment-Based Approach For The Detection Of Routing Misbehavior In MANETs /Java java
Homogenous Network Control and Implementation /Java java
XML Data Stores: Emerging Practices /Java java
XTC: A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks /Java java
A near-optimal multicast scheme for mobile ad hoc networks using a hybrid genetic algorithm /Java java
XML Enable SQL Server Java java
Network Analyzer Java java
Public Key Validation for DNS security Extension Java java
Java Productivity Aids Java java
Network Component for XML Migration Java java
A Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network Java java
Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and presenting it in Carousel view Java java
An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETs Java java
Java Network File Sharing System Project Java java
Image Transformation using Grid Java java
Java Visual Editor with Compiler Java java
Embedding In Video Steganography Java java
Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Java java
Image Rendering For Grid Technology Java java
Scalable Wireless AD-HOC Network Simulation Using XTC Java java
ATM Networks For Online Monitoring System Project Java java
Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse Java java
Shortest Node Finder In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Java java
TCP/IP Pocket Controlling Monitor Java java
Network Security System Project In DNS Using Ad-Hoc Networks Java java
E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Java java
Integrating Speech Engine With Web Navigator Java java
Interfacing alphanumeric LCD x using VB java
Registry Editor java
NAT java
honeypots java
Creation of a DMZ java
Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner java
GSM java
Library Management System Project java
Hotel Management System Project java
Examination result according to the classes java
Granite Business management System Project java
Virtual classroom java
Alumni Software java
Bandwidth management Tool java
Implementation of Scalar Optimizations java
Online Banking java
Distributed Workgroup File Indexer java
Managing Linux Distributions java
Network Sniffer java
Simulating Routing Algorithms in Java java
A Tool For Network Auditing(ping and Port Scanning, TCP/IP Finger printing java
An alternative semantics for error and exceptional handling java
Online Counseling software java
Web application java
Instant messenger System Project java
course home page generator java
Web application java
An Interpretor for lambda calculus with some extensions java
course home page generator java
Probabilistic Techniques for cache replacement java
Implementation of Download wizard for simultaneous downloads java
Online Share Trading java
Online Counseling java
Transfer Program in Java Using Protocols like FTP,SMB,HTTP,SSH java
Using Genetic Algorithms for testcase generation for finite state machines java
A study of the Linux Operating System Project, Development of useful System Project programs java
subsequently implementing a GUI Providing a certain useful functionality java
Hotel Management System Project Project in VB Net VB.NET
Human Resources Management System Project VB Net VB.NET
Inventory System Project VB Net VB.NET
Membership Management System Project VB Net VB.NET
Patient Care System Project VB Net VB.NET
Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net VB.NET
Trainee Management System Project VB Net VB.NET
Online Index Recommendations for High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads /Jee VB.NET
Controlling IP Spoofing through Inter domain Packet Filters (Java) VB.NET
Rough sets based Search Engine for grid service discovery (Net) VB.NET
Selective Encryption of Still Image /VB,C VB.NET
Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Project Using Brain Net VB Net VB.NET
Library Management System Project VB Net VB.NET
Windows Management Instrument (WMI) Net VB Net VB.NET
Wallpaper Changer Utility VB Net VB.NET
Win Application for Word Processing VB Net VB.NET
Screen capture Utility VB Net VB.NET
Image Converter VB Net VB.NET
Internet History Viewer VB Net VB.NET
VB Net Smart Mail Transfer Protocol VB Net VB.NET
Windows Multi File Search utility VB Net VB.NET
Message Digest VB Net VB.NET
FTP Explorer VB Net VB.NET
Convolution Filter VB Net VB.NET
Find and Replace utility VB Net VB.NET
Apartment Management System Project VB Net VB.NET
Computerized Information Software VB Net VB.NET
Employee Management System Project VB NetVB.NET
Ice cream parlour management System Project VB.NET
Pizza hut - account management System Project VB.NET
Web Based help desk VB.NET
Honey Pots- A Security System Project to Identify Black Hat Community in Networks VB.NET
Water Marking Relational Databases Using Optimization technique VB.NET
Quantum Key Distribution for 3rd party authentication VB.NET
OMR Sheet Reader VB.NET
Multi player strategy game: Project ideas on Visual basic,Java,Database VB.NET
You can develop a speech reponse application using some hardware interface using the Microsoft SAPI SDK VB.NET
You can develop a Microsoft Word like application in VB ( a text editor basically) VB.NET
Timetable generation (user will input subjects, faculty times, class room times) : User will also input subject seriality and topics to be taken for the weekVB.NET
CD library management VB.NET
Admission procedure VB.NET
Online passport registeration VB.NET
You can develop a LAN administrator tool (socket programming comes easy in VB) which will monitor application on a LAN and provide functions VB.NET
Voice Mail System Projects VB.NET
Computer Telephony Integration VB.NET
Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol  VC++
Intrusion Detection Prevention And Trace back System Projects VC++ VC++
Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten and Digits VC++ VC++
The File Digest program and the C++ implementation of some Message-Digest algorithms VC++ VC++
File Encryption and Encrypted text embedding in an image VC++ VC++
Performance Evaluation of DISTANCE Routing Algorithm in MANET VC++ VC++
Neural Networks for Handwritten character and Digits /VC++ VC++
Neural Network-Based Face Detection /VC++ VC++
Image Water Marking VC++