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Civil Engg Project

Project Abstract:- A Crack may be the first sign of a serious defect which may
affect the serviceability or the stability of the building.

Cracks in buildings are of common occurrence. A building component develops cracks
whenever stress in the component exceeds its strength. Stress in a building component could
be caused by externally applied forces, such as dead, live, wind or seismic loads, or
foundation settlement or it could be induced internally due to thermal movements, moisture
changes, chemical action, etc.
Most buildings crack at some time during their service life. The appearance of cracks is a
symptom of distress within the fabric of the building. Often the cracking is of little
consequence and once it is established as static, simple repair by filling or re-pointing is all
that is required.
The appearance of cracks can also affect the value of the building, its insurability, the
saleability and can be the subject of litigation. Therefore correctly assessing the significance
of cracks is essential. However, it is far from a simple task and is often a subjective exercise.
The implications of an incorrect assessment can lead to expensive and unnecessary remedial
work. In some instances, the remedial work may exacerbate the problem resulting in yet
further and more extensive cracking.

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