Transparent Concrete-Civil Engineering

Civil Engg Project

Project Title:Transparent Concrete-Civil Engineering

Project Abstract:

 Transparent concrete also called as translucent concrete or light transmitting concrete is
achieved by replacing aggregates with transparent alternate materials.
 The bonding material in transparent concrete may be able to transmit light by using clear
resins the concrete mix. Use of optical fibers and fine concrete also used as transparent
 Transparent concrete is produced by mixing 4% to 5% (by volume) optical fibers in the
concrete mixture. This concrete has less weight compared to original concrete.
 The smart transparent concrete can be regarded as a “green” energy saving construction
materials it is a promising technology for field applications in civil infrastructure.

Illuminate Your Walls
• Get Creative with Design
• Transparent concrete blocks suitable for floors
• pavements and load-bearing walls
• In furniture for the decorative and aesthetic
• Light fixtures
• Light sidewalks at night
• Increasing visibility in dark subway stations
• Partitions wall and it can be used where the sunlight does not reach properly

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