Remote monitoring system using DTMF EE Project

Electrical Engineering Project ideas.
Electrical Engineering Project ideas.

Remote monitoring system using DTMF Electrical Engineering Project

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The DTMF based remote monitoring system consists of sensors for sensing the present parameters of the process or machine.The whole system can be installed at a distance place from where these data can be directly sent to the logging system.The data obtained is sent to doctor’s system by converting it into DTMF signals.The DTMF stands for dual tone multiple frequencies.The idea behind this project is generation of DTMF signal for sending data.

In communication any digit may be transmitted in pulse mode or in DTMF mode. We are generating DTMF tones at transmitter end and decoding these tones at receiving end which can be used for transmitting the data from one end to another end.

These signals are decoded at the receiving end and original data is recovered form it by the doctors.

Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling is used for telephone signaling over the line in the voice-frequency band to the call switching center. The version of DTMF used for telephone tone dialing is known by the trademarked term Touch-Tone (canceled March 13, 1984), and is standardized by ITU-T Recommendation  Other multi-frequency systems are used for signaling internal to the telephone network.

As a method of in-band signaling, DTMF tones were also used by cable television broadcasters to indicate the start and stop times of local commercial insertion points during station breaks for the benefit of cable companies. Until better out-of-band signaling equipment was developed in the 1990s, fast, unacknowledged, and loud DTMF tone sequences could be heard during the commercial breaks of cable channels in the United States and elsewhere.

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