Quality Control And Monitoring Civil Engineering Project

Civil Engg Project

Quality Control And Monitoring Civil Engineering Project


Site Planning and building form are very important from the point of view of seismic performance of the structure. Also it is very important to have proper compatibility of elements resisting seismic forces. Site planning and selection of building forms is the first step in designing of any structure and the decisions taken are very crucial for the behavior of those structures during any earthquake. Based on examples taken from various past earthquakes and theories, this project gives guidelines for site planning, selection of building form and formulation of architectural design concepts for earthquake resistant structures in the earthquake prone zones.


The effects of building form and configuration refers not only to the overall building shape but to its design and constructional details also. Study of building performance in the past earthquakes indicates that the performance is quiet sensitive to even a small variation in the overall form. This is particularly true in relation to shear wall design and the location of service core, which acts as a major lateral resistance elements. Many buildings that were symmetrical and simple in overall plan suffered because of unsymmetrical location of service cores and escape staircases. Moreover, as soon as the structure begin to suffer damage (cracking in shear wall or columns) the distribution of its resistant elements change and thus most symmetrical structure becomes dynamically asymmetrical and is subjected to tensional forces.

Finally it must be recognized that the architectural requirements will often make asymmetrical design difficult or sometimes impossible. In these circumstances it is necessary, depending upon the size of the building and the type of asymmetry, to subdivide the major masses of the building to improve the seismic performance.

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